Since switching from Autocad Electrical in 2010, Enigma Technology Ltd. has been employing EPLAN Electric P8 for designing electric control panels.

Electrical design and software are the major focus areas of Enigma Technology with customers in the panel production, food and beverage industries. Recent projects of Enigma Technology include a software upgrade of a tobacco routing system, software for filter systems, upgrade of sugar packing machinery, water Industry panels, welding machine panels, and brew house panels.

Reason for Migration to EPLAN Electric P8

Enigma Technology’s technical director, Stuart Green informed that the company started considering EPLAN software when some of its clients made the shift. The company immediately started reaping benefits from the implementation of EPLAN software, which is not only user-friendly, but also improves productivity, minimizes errors and error checking, and creates comprehensive, accurate documentation automatically.

Advantages of EPLAN Electric P8

The switch to EPLAN Electric P8 has facilitated Enigma Technology accomplish two of its key objectives: shorten design time and eliminate the requirement for a draftsperson. Moreover, the company has modularized project design; minimized design costs by roughly 75%; and achieved product quality improvement. According to Green, the company is able to reduce design time drastically without compromising accuracy through the implementation of EPLAN software.

The upgrade to EPLAN has enabled Enigma Technology achieve a much higher degree of automation in the generation and sharing of documentation. With EPLAN, Enigma Technology is able to generate documentation rapidly and precisely in a more convenient and accurate format according to the requirements of customers, explained Green. EPLAN Electric P8 software is a sophisticated design tool containing all required tools and report generators, thereby ascertaining greater speed, flexibility and accuracy in Enigma Technology’s designs.

The following are the key benefits to Enigma Technology since implementing EPLAN software:

  • Quicker, more accurate project quotes for clients
  • The ability to standardize recurrent content
  • Faster and more reliable document creation
  • Reduction or elimination of errors, more convenient error-checking
  • Rapid integration of customer-specified changes and data corrections
  • The ability to send electrical design data to enclosure design or production

The EPLAN Data Portal

Besides EPLAN Electric P8, Enigma Technology utilizes the EPLAN Data Portal, which delivers online device data of more than 250,000 components from 48 manufacturers, including Phoenix Contact, B&R, ABB, and Festo. Consequently, the data portal has provided another opportunity for productivity improvement due to the availability of the wealth of information.

With the EPLAN Data Portal, it is convenient and effective to transfer order numbers for procurement, location drawings for equipment, technical macros for creating schematics, preview screens and function templates for intelligent device selection into the project. This effectively eliminates the time intensive process of creating master data. In addition, storing and reusing data leads to accelerating design and production, standardizing and modularizing product content, facilitating large economies of scale in procuring components.

EPLAN’s Technical Support

EPLAN’s technical support comprises a training package wherein on-site training will be provided by a team of professional consultants or trainees will be invited to learn at EPLAN offices. EPLAN’s capability to render into 17 different languages and automatic adoption to international standards enables Enigma Technology provide drawings and support to customers from all across the globe.


With EPLAN Electric P8, Enigma Technology has realized several benefits in the design of electric control panels. The company has decreased design costs by roughly 75%, increased productivity, and improved product quality. It has also greatly benefitted from the user-friendliness and speed afforded by the EPLAN Data Portal. With this impressive improvement in productivity, Enigma Technology is looking at upgrading its current license and making an investment in EPLAN Pro-Panel, a 3D tool for enclosure design, concluded Green.


EPLAN offers electrical engineering design software that provides innovative options for the planning, documentation and management of electrical design projects. The EPLAN‘platform’ supports interdisciplinary work, from fluid engineering and process plant engineering to harness design and 3D enclosure design tools.

EPLAN also offers a range of services including training, software support and process consultancy. EPLAN advises companies on ways to optimize their electrical engineering design processes; from developing software solutions for mechatronic and fluid power engineering to implementing customized CAD, PDM, PLM and ERP interfaces. This enables users to accelerate product development processes, reduce engineering costs and speed-up time to market. The company’s consultants can also offer standardization, automation, integration and implementation training.

EPLAN’s electrical engineering design software and services are of the highest quality, allowing its customers to benefit from efficient engineering and enhanced productivity.