• Building a Better World through Better Engineering


Building a Better World through Better Engineering

ADE offers plant-wide technology, engineering, integration and project management, training and installation, testing, commissioning to ensure our project result meet our clients’ expectations. Our goal is to make sure you maximize the efficiency of your equipment while keeping costs under control.
ADE brings a many-years of expertise to your industrial control opportunities, including engineers, technologists and project managers that are ready to team up with your resources. We support a wide variety of customers across numerous sectors, enabling us to see the bigger picture and recommend innovative solutions based on industry best practices. Our specialists & engineers have experience in the following industries: Cheminal, Food & Beverage, Water, Feedmill, Automotive and many others.
Currently, we are authorized integration partner of Inductive Automation, Emerson, … and is sale partner of many well-known industrial manufacturers.


AD Engineering is a leading global provider of electrical products, solutions, integrated systems, electrical systems, measurement and control services in Southeast Asia.


AD ENGINEERING brings the optimized benefits to customer by providing comprehensively solutions:

– Control system design, optimized automation.
– Electrical design, software, engineering and training.
– Factory automation, automatic guided vehicle and robotics.
Bring the committed solutions and quality to customers, the benefits of customer is our operation core value



Building the success along with partners base on 4 core values:

Honest – Profession – Efficiency – Community

– Honest: Giving the exactly commitment to customers, partners
– Profession: Developing the optimized solutions, products in order to fulfil the customers’s requirments.
– Efficiency: Enhancing the self-study, creation, applying the technology to improve the working operation efficiency.
– Community: ADE is always aiming to the improvement of company’s operation to maintain the benefits, environment protection for the future enterprise and society’s durable development.


How we do?


We build a team of high quality with a spirit of learning and creativity
Our team consists of experienced engineers and many years of experience in design, construction supervision and repair and maintenance. With this high quality team, ADE has been delivering solutions and Optimal products for customers:

+ Optimize the investment cost, suitable for each customer needs.
Duplicate effective use with training policies with after-sales warranty.
Minimize costs incurred during use and upgrades.


We always focus on applying technology in management and operations, in order to respond quickly and accurately to customer requirements, data management, to better care and customer support.


We always have the support and advice of experts in each field and the support for our best partner